Disposable Flanged Speculums

Product Information

Originally developed for clinical gastroenterology applications, Aqua-Clinic Hydrocare speculum has been found in independent research to be the safest and the most effective speculum from the point of view of adaptation to the anatomy any physiology of the rectum and the anus and facilitation of removal of the faecal matter. The Aqua-Clinic colonic irrigation speculum is suitable for any colonic devices on the market, as well as Wood's Gravity, due to a tapered inlet that accepts 8 mm and 10 mm inlet tubing. It has a flange to prevent over-insertion, a tapered end to make the attachment of the waste line easier and a very smooth finish to make sure that the process is as comfortable to the client as possible. The obturator handle is in a V-shape guaranteeing a firm fix. Manufactured in Canada. Designed for anatomical correctness Bulged Tip for a Snug Fit. Leakage Reducing Flange. Adaptable 1/4 or 3/8 (gravity) Water Inlet. Non-Slip Waste Hose Grips. Compatible with All Closed System Instruments and Wood's Gravity. Manufactured in the USA. CE-marked. Meets Strict Quality Standards. Each speculum is individually packed. Suitable for Aqua-Clinic, Dotolo, Legato, Transcom, Colonet, Hydrosun, Wood's Gravity etc