Please note that the products on this website are only for businesses and private practices with a minimum order level of £25.00 +VAT.   Sadly we do not sell to private individuals and we may require proof that you are a registered or limited company in some circumstances.

Practitioner Supplies was founded in 1988 to supply practitioners only with high quality proven herbal formulae at reasonable prices. The range has since grown to include a modest range of useful herbal products and sundries, with particular relevance to colon hydrotherapists as an adjunct to colonic irrigation treatments and patient maintenance.

Our aim has always been to supply on a "no frills" basis to avoid passing on the high costs of advertising, pretty labels, etc., but with no compromise on quality. All the herbs used are microbiologically tested for bacteria, yeasts and moulds, and are contract encapsulated and packed ensuring high quality standards. No fillers or other excipients are used, ensuring action from the whole herb (the "totum").

We would like to thank you for locating our website, either by intent or by accident and would like to introduce ourselves to you, as we appreciate there are many cleansing and healing herbs to choose from.

So what makes our herbs so special?

Practitioner Supplies only select the best quality herbs for use in our products, which are rigorously tested and certified. We are a small independent company with a passion for cleansing brought about by experiencing remarkable health benefits through detoxing, with the assistance of therapeutic herbs which we are confident in promoting to you. Please browse our web site and read about the amazing cleansing, healing power of herbs, which are available to you in your quest for optimum health. To get to our current range of goods, please view our categories on the left.