Herbal Bitters 100ml Dropper

Product Information

Key actions: Stomachic (digestive), Hepatic, Detoxifier. Stimulates pancreatic function. Bitters contain a high proportion of substances (secretagogues) which stimulate the production of hormones (secretin, gastrin) and thence digestive juices in the mouth (saliva), stomach (acid and pepsinogen cascade), the pancreas (starch, protein and fat digesting enzymes) and stimulate liver production of bile. Increases of 25% have been measured, with increased autonomic nervous system activity and an, as yet unexplained, increase in circulating white blood corpuscles. Of particular value for those with poor digestive, pancreatic and/or liver function, pale stools, inability to gain weight, ME, feeble constitution etc. Combine with dietary advice, detox programmes, colonics, liver flushing, lymphatic work (skin brushing, manual lymph drainage and L-O capsules) or Co-ton where appropriate. Take 15-25 drops 1/2 hour before meals in a little water, these must never been sweetened or the effect is lost. Do not use in the presence of gastric ulceration, during pregnancy or breast feeding. Contains: Licorice Root, Dandelion Root, Sweet Flag Root, German Chamomile Flowers, Barberry Bark, Gentian Root, Milk Thistle as a 1:1 liquid extract in 100ml dropper bottles (6 weeks supply)