Enema Coffee - Robusta 464g

Product Information

Coffee enemas have become a popular and effective means of liver detoxification.  We now stock Robusta Health's certified organic enema coffee which is specifically roasted to maximise caffeine and palmitic acid content, the key ingredients in stimulating your body to rid itself of toxins and aid in the production of the mother of all antioxidants - glutathione. Robusta Health's certified organic enema coffee can be used to clean the colon and detoxify the liver.  This enema helps to detoxify the liver, as well as stimulates the liver and gall bladder to produce more bile.  Bile, from the gall bladder draws environmental and metabolic toxins, as well as the very irritating toxins from Candida and other parasite-like organisms.  These toxins and waste are then dumped into the large intestine where they are eliminated during a bowel movement

  • Purpose roasted and specially ground, certified organic, 100% Robusta coffee.
  • Why Robusta and not Arabica? Because it is higher in the key ingredients that will make your detox successful - caffeine, palmitic acid, and cafestrol. These help stimulate glutathione ('the mother of all anti-oxidants') production by up to 700%. Research shows this is critical to successfully detoxing liver, gall bladder, etc.
  • We say 'purpose roasted' because this coffee is specially roasted to maximize these important ingredients, in fact there is typically 50% or more of these crucial active ingredients in our special roast.
  • Used by many Gerson Therapy clients and health care practitioners.