Gravity water line adaptor pack of 50

Product Information

These disposable extension pieces are 160 mm long, OD 11mm and ED 8 mm. They are used as disposables adapters between Aqua-Clinic Hydrocare (Hydroguard) speculum and the silicon inlet tubing used with gravity colon hydrotherapy (irrigation) devices.

It is now the requirement to use fully disposable client equipment  for therapists working on both open and closed systems. For those working with gravity colonic irrigation devices, this can present a problem, because their water inlet tubing may be up to 2 meters long, depending on the location of the tank and the height of the bed.

A disposable gravity adapter helps resolve this problem, by providing an economic method of complying with the requirements and at the same time avoiding the unnecessary destruction of plastic tubing.

How to use a disposable gravity adapter:

1. Unpack your speculum

2. Connect one end of the disposable adapter to the speculum

3. Connect the other end to the silicon tubing

4. Discard the adapter with the speculum after use.